Thursday, July 14, 2011

DC Universe relaunch--I bet it fails

The DC Universe is relaunching.

Yet again.

#1 issues again. I already can't keep track of back issue series for what came first, second, third. How many Green Lantern #1's do you need? How many Supergirl #1's?

The DC Universe is actually relaunching 52 titles. That will be 52 #1 issues in the coming months. The website for DC says it is actually one day, August 31, 2011.

I will bet that out of 52 series, only 20, less than half, will still be kicking two years from that date. So on August 31, 2013, I will see.

To survive:
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
Justice League International
Birds of Prey
And about five I really can't foresee without knowing the creative teams. I mean, the old 80s Animal Man survived for 80+ issues solely because of Grant Morrison's original run on it. It literally limped along for 50 issues based on what that guy wrote and abandoned.

Other titles will merge. Whether those will continue numbering or what, I don't know anymore.

And anyway, what does it matter--I never buy new comics anymore. I am a back issue guy because I can get just about anything from years gone by for less than they charge on cover now.

Mile High Comics, baby. Free shipping over $10 order. I constantly get codewords to save 50-60%. Plus I get stuff that's in the 50-cent bins at Acme Comics in Peoria and then fill around missing issues at Mile High. Best stuff. Plus, I get to collect in retrospect. It's actually pretty cool to buy all the titles I never could afford way back when. Now I can because just about all of them are cheaper than cover price.

I love knowing what issues flow, in order. I loved knowing that Uncanny X-Men #281 went in order. Lately, you have no idea, with interwoven storylines throughout multiple titles. If you need a checklist, it is too damn confusing. For even me, and I love comics. (That checklist thing all started with Mutant Massacre but those stories were mostly standalone...)

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