Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Voltron comic situation part IV

I know I am beating a dead horse here, an old dead one, but I was really mad when I found out that a comic series I was able to download for free from Wowio.com was no longer at that website--and that the print version's last issue was never even printed.

Devil's Due Publishing must never have any planning. They put out one issue at a time, hope it sells, and then might print another issue.

Years ago, I had a bit of a problem with VOLTRON being cancelled in the middle of a Mark Waid story. No issue #12 was ever produced. When I tried to ask them about it on the website, I got this as an answer: " I know that DDPwant's their Aftermath line to be around for a good long time. Only the readerscan make this happen. If you haven't checked out Defex, Infantry, Breakdown orBlade of Kumori, I highly suggest them! Especially if you liked Voltron, Ithink you might enjoy Defex + Breakdown."

I just have to say now, in retrospect even though I completely knew it then---Defex 6 issues only, Breakdown 6 issues only, Blade of Kumori 5 issues only, and Aftermath--zero issue only.

And looking at DDP's website now--no series is above issue #5 except for Hack/Slash. Hack/Slash is a decent comic but only because I downloaded it for free through Wowio.com (they get corporate sponsors to attach ads to the comics)--I never would have bought it. However, it is good now because it lasted more than six issues. Comics grow, they mature.

Devil's Due gives independent publishers a truly bad name and they ruin it for the rest of the indies out there.

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