Monday, September 05, 2011

Markosia's Midnight Kiss

Markosia comics

Midnight Kiss limited series #1-5

Usually, we readers of independent comic books are wary of these limited series. I have read too many BAD Image series that just go nowhere and do nothing. I have read whole series where even I could not express the plot or actually name a single character. This is completely not the case with Midnight Kiss by Tony Lee and Ryan Stegman. It is a good read that actually makes you hunt down the next installment.

This series is on the level with all multi-verse breaking universes. I see Time Bandits in here. I see The Never-Ending Story within these pages. Our heroes have to go through tales of legend to defeat a higher evil. The interesting part is that all of these legends absolutely HATE the main character Matt Sable. It's ingenious.

Overall, the series was an intriguing read. I wanted to hunt down all the issues, for one thing. I originally found these as a free download on but it's not there anymore. You might be able to track it down somewhere else. Anyway, you have to read it as a digital because they never even printed issue #5 and good luck finding it in TPB form.

This may seem old news now. This is a series from 2005. But it deserves better treatment than, for whatever reason, being cancelled in the middle of a limited series, no matter what schedule the artist was on. I will say this to Markosia:

Cancelling a book in the middle of a storyline is one of the main reasons that independents fail and you ruin it for the rest of us. Years ago, I had an issue with DDP's Voltron series you can read about here: VOLTRON. Other comics suffer this fate, especially ones that start out thinking they can be an ongoing series. But to not allow a limited series to finish hurts the entire independent comic book industry. Why would anyone start a new series when there is a huge chance it won't last? I know many fans like myself that would only pick these up as free digital downloads, or in the fifty-cent bins and only when ALL the issues are there.

Instead, Markosia decided to keep producing that utter crappy Starship Troopers. I have read some of those and, quite frankly, they stink--no character development whatsoever and I can't even tell what is happening in the action panels. I read those in about four minutes--what kind of stink is a comic book you can read cover to cover in four minutes?

Read author Tony Lee's version of the Midnight Kiss series on Comics Worth Reading.

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