Sunday, October 07, 2012

Some thoughts on The Prisoner episode "A., B., and C."

“A., B., and C.”

My third episode is “A., B., and C.” because it helped to solidify the potential with twists and turns.

Colin Gordon’s #2 fails. “I know I’m not indispensable ” When he fails, I like to think that he was reassigned. He’s a good company man, overall. That’s why he comes back later as #2, several episodes later, in “The General,” one that’s really not even about #6. His reassignment experiment needed a realistic population of people and the Village is a good place for experiments.

This episode focuses on if #6 resigned to sell out, to whom would he sell out and what would he sell?
#14: “We all make mistakes. Sometimes we have to.” Clearly, especially with all the threats that #2 makes to her, she is just another one of those people doing her job. Where is the line drawn about doing one’s job compared to ethics?

While this episode may not be very deep, it is a great extension of the spy show. It’s a bridge, in a way, from Secret Agent Man to the deeper themes of The Prisoner.

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