Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More of The Prisoner IN Danger Man

I am always on the lookout for references to Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner. While watching old Danger Man episodes on DVD, I came across an interesting bit in an episode entitled "Say It With Flowers."

Drake: "Maybe he's decided to retire?"

Contact: "Retire?"

That one word posed as a question simply must have begun seeping into McGoohan's mind. What does an old secret agent do? Is retirement realistic? When? If given a pension, how much is enough? That sort of thing. In the first epsiode of The Prisoner, the second #2 said, "Loyalties change--exactly." This overall concept is also referred to by Production Manager Bernie Williams in an interview on one of my Prisoner discs, referring to the secret agent's pension.

There's also another episode of Danger Man called "To Our Best Friend" that speaks of an "English village in Russia."

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