Sunday, March 28, 2010

Students from the past

Sometimes I actually make an impact.

One student. That's fine. If this one student is all that I helped then my job would be done. I just try to do this with every student.

Just recently, one of my old students from Bremerton found me on Facebook. I remember this student a great deal. We did not get along well at first either. It came around though.

She first requested me as a friend and asked if I remember her. I told her that of course I did, that she was one of my favorites.

Julia Ligmann commented on your wall post:

"That is an honor! I learned so much in your class! Although it was a long
time ago i still remember the part of Othello I had to memorize for your class.
And I have my essay I wrote about The Giver in your class as well. You really
made an awesome impact on my schooling, attitude, and my life. I will be forever

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