Friday, April 18, 2008


A 5.2 magnitude earthquake (originally a 5.4 but they downgraded it several hours later) hit southern Illinois today at about 4:37 am.

It did shake me, however, I thought it was our darn cat scratching at the end of the bed again. I did not put it together until I saw the news. There was no real shaking or damage that we noticed at all.

Mostly this is because I went through a bigger earthquake in February 2000 in Washington. That was a 6.8--I was at work on Bainbridge Island and remember the shaking, the feeling of moving through the wave. Amy had it worse--she was actually driving on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge just as it hit, scaring the hell out of her and bringing up memories of Galloping Gertie.

I have heard news reports of 14 aftershocks although I haven't felt any. And they say it could get worse.

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