Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nome is a metaphor for the ends of the earth, according to ESPN

I went to to check out stuff on tonight's Packers-Cowboys game. I have no idea who will win and I need to choose for the pool I'm in. I'm 12 behind the leader so I can't afford to miss any, if I can avoid it.

I love it when Nome is used as the end of the world:

The Cowboys already had their crack at the Patriots. Couldn't ask for anything more: Had them at home, had them on national television (another thing about Super Bowl XLI¾ -- only a fraction of fans will see it because it's on the NFL Network, which apparently is available only in certain parts of Nome) and even led New England in the second half.

No, we didn't have the NFL Network in Nome, unless it has been added in the last six months, which I doubt. Just funny to read about Nome being at the ends of the earth.

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