Sunday, October 07, 2007

St. Louis

Friday afternoon, I checked my email at work and there was one from Amy:

Hi we are going to St. Louis this weekend. I found a hotel and everything.
Love YA

So I was excited. Any chance for a great little road trip. It was originally supposed to be an overnight stay to go to the outlet mall near Tuscola, but since this weekend was U of I's homecoming, every hotel was booked. Amy changed gears and sent us, welcomingly, out of state.

Basically, this was a nice long shopping weekend. The kids and I have a three day weekend for Columbus Day. We left Friday night right after we got home. We would have gotten to our hotel sooner, but we unfortunately printed off directions to the mall, not the hotel. The hotel, Ramada Airport, was much tougher to find than you would think. We got lost in St. Louis for about an hour. The roads there have to be the most confusing I have ever enountered for a big city. There are expressways, but it seems that every one of them have a "70" in them: 70, 170, 270, and 370. So that's confusing. Plus, 270 does this horseshoe around St. Louis so you never know if you are going north, south, east, or west. We saw a lot of the back areas of St. Louis and at one point were behind the airport landing strips. But we found the hotel eventually.

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