Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Barry Spacks Poetry

I came across these poems wasting time in the stacks at the library of Western Illinois University. They are nice and simple yet powerful. I think I am going to do an introductory activity for my students with them.

    After Storm


     By the river

     where we went under

     our spirits stroll

     hand in hand--

     through the tall grass by the river

     where our bodies lost each other,

     down the long banks of the river

     where we drowned

     broken and rushing

     like branches after storm,

     helpless and swirling

     branches in the river.


  --Barry Spacks


To a Lady


     Dear lady, by your fingertips

     you rhyme me to a feather.

     I run the rapids of your arms

     from here to Minnesota.

     You sun me bright, you sigh me on

     till half of Iceland's burning.

     I bless you for your leafy ways.

     My breath be all you're wearing.


  --Barry Spacks


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